Specializing in the genus Cypripedium



The following cypripedium species are now in large scale production. We're awaiting their maturity before offering them for sale to our customers ! It is our policy to sell only mature plants. Therefore, we do not sell seedlings.

North American Cypripediums

cypripedium acaule
C. acaule

cypripedium acaule var alba
C. acaule forma albaflorum

cypripedium x andrewsii
C. x andrewsii

cypripedium guttatum
C. guttatum

Cypripedium Parviflorum
C. parviflorum var parviflorum

Cypripedium Pubescens
C. parviflorum var pubescens

Asian Cypripediums

C. Calceolus (European)

Cypripedium Formosanum C. Formosanum

C. Macranthos


The following cypripedium species are presently being grown in smaller quantities in our greenhouses and are showing great progress! We anticipate moving these species into large scale production in the next several growing seasons. Hey remember!! This is all still experimental! Thanks for your patience.

North American Cypripediums

C. Arietinum
C. Californicum
C. Montanum
C. Kentuckiense
C. Passerinum

Asian Cypripediums

C. Cordigerum
C. Fargesii
C. Fasciolatum
C. Flavum
C. Franchetii
C. Henryi
C. Plectrochilum
C. Tibeticum
C. Segawai
C. Yatabeanum


The following cypripedium species are presently in flask and planted out Spring 2003

Asian Cypripediums

C. Lichiagense
C. Macranthos var. Alba

If You have seed of a species that is not listed here or of any Asian listed species, let us know what you have. We may be interested in purchasing your seed :-)

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