Specializing in the genus Cypripedium



EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES (-Additional CITES requirements)

Sorry but... the EU countries have promulgated new CITES requirements in the last year.

For European Union Countries, additional CITES documents/permits and phyto-sanitary inspections are required.
  • For orders totalling less than $1,250.00 US Funds, add $58.00 US Funds (Actual Cost) to your order.

  • For Orders totalling greater than $1,250.00 US Funds add 75.OO US Funds (Actual Cost) to your order.

For European Union Countries sales you (the purchaser, buyer, importer) are responsible for obtaining any documents, permits or licenses (including incurring any related costs thereof) required by your country to import orchids and for making documentation requirements known and delivered to Vermont Ladyslipper Company prior to shipment. Also, if applicable, the Purchaser agrees to incurr the cost of any and all import tarriffs, duties, inspection fees required by their country.

For European Union Countries Cut off date for EU orders for shipment in Autumn (October-early November) 2005 is August 1, 2005.


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