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Cypripedium x andrewsii

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Cypripedium x andrewsii
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Cypripedium x andrewsii
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Cypripedium x andrewsii
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Cypripedium x andrewsii
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Cypripedium x andrewsii is the natural hybrid between c. candidum and c. parviflorum var. parviflorum. The plant generally has 1 or very rarely 2 small glossy white to pale cream colored flowers per stem. Our plants represent a cross of Cypripedium candidum with the natural hybrid Cypripedium x andrewsii with many of the offspring showing predominately C. candidum features but as is the nature with all hybrids, offspring sometimes vary tending toward one parent or the other in general appearance and form. Pouch/lip sometimes has pale rose/purple veining. The pouch rim can also have purple/rose spotting. Greenish-yellow sepals and petals are often flushed with maroon lines or streaks. The flowers always have a pleasant peony or rose like fragrance. This natural hybrid blooms in late Spring for approximately 2 weeks and is rather easy to grow in moist alkaline soils.

USDA Growing Zones
Recommended optimal USDA zones are 3 to 6 Since this natural hybrid requires more direct sunlight than most other Cypripediums, we cannot recommend growing this too far South and exposing the plant to extreme intense Southern sun.
Unsure of your USDA growing zone? Here's the USDA map. It will take you off site...but be sure to return! USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map]

Soil/Media/Growing Requirements Prefers neutral to alkaline(7.0 - 8.0 pH) soil/medias. This natural hybrid grows in lime saturated soils and really likes lime! Requires 3 hours of direct morning or afternoon sun and light shade during the hottest parts of the day. Our Recommended Planting and Cultivation Instructions will accompany your order. They detail what we have found to work well for us with the Cypripedium x andrewsii and we have grown thousands!

Our Plants .... Are 100% laboratory propagated from seed by Vermont Ladyslipper

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