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Conservation of our Natural World ....

Much has changed in the world since the end of the 19th Century when Theodore Roosevelt and
John Muir began to counter the concepts of manifest destiny. Today we are starting to come full circle in our realization that the preservation of our natural world, with all its species and their habitats intact, is indeed necessary to our own future prosperity. All species are interlinked and interdependent upon each other for their survival.

Our intricate ecosystems only function when all the species within them can interact creating amazing systems with an infinitum of checks and balances that ultimately allows all species to survive. To this end, we have learned that their is no such thing as an insignificant living entity. Each has its place and necessity in ensuring the continuation of all other species either directly or indirectly dependent upon it.

Humanity lies interwoven within this web of life with all its implications and obligations. We are now the absolute ruler of our planet, but with this comes the awesome responsibility of the noble steward that must guarantee the survival of not only himself but of all other species as well. All of our endeavours must pay heed to these fundamental dictates.

It is on these principals that the Vermont Ladyslipper Company was founded. The preservation of Cypripedium habitat along with the plants themselves is of equal importance. By fostering these ideals, we can indirectly help many other species as well and help ensure their long term survival. It is the intent of our business to work for the benefit of bio-diversity and its preservation and not at its expense. In essence creating a symbiosis between economics and conservation that will be to the ultimate benefit of these species.

We encourage all who are interested in native plants and bio-diversity preservation to become involved in their preservation by joining a local or national conservation organization. Grassroots efforts at the local level can achieve true "plant rescues" by ensuring that the bulldozer never enters the habitat in the first place. Thus maintaining the plant intact within its natural environment. A daunting task but still one that is of the utmost necessity.

By working for any facet of Conservation you are ultimately helping all species!

We have included links to many fine organizations below of which we are members:

Defenders of Wildlife
Ocean Conservancy
Natural Resources Defense Council
National Arbor Day
National Parks Conservation Association
National Park Trust
The Nature Conservancy
The Sierra Club
The Wilderness Society
Wildlife Land Trust
World Wildlife Fund

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